Accepted Papers

Full Papers:

  • Yashwant Singh Patel and Paul Townend, A stable matching approach to Energy Efficient and Sustainable Serverless Scheduling for the Green Cloud Continuum
  • Paul Pinter, Andrea Morichetta and Schahram Dustdar, Distributed Model Serving for Real-time Opinion Detection
  • Anna Lackinger, Andrea Morichetta and Schahram Dustdar, Time Series Predictions for Cloud Workloads: A Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Sandro Speth, Niklas Meißner, Steffen Becker and Uwe Breitenbücher, State of the Art and Challenges of Issue Management for Component-based and Service-Oriented Systems: An Empirical Study
  • Boris Sedlak, Víctor Casamayor Pujol, Praveen Kumar Donta and Schahram Dustdar, Diffusing High-level SLO in Microservice Pipelines
  • Patrick Herbke, Sid Lamichhane, Kaustabh Barman, Sanjeet Raj Pandey, Axel Küpper, Andreas Abraham and Markus Sabadello, DIDChain: Advancing Supply Chain Data Management with Decentralized Identifiers and Blockchain

Short Papers:

  • Xiaolin Hu, Mingxi Yan, Tony Derado, Wei Zhao, Bernard Zeigler, Doohwan Kim and Chungman Seo, WIP: Towards Cloud-based Wildland Fire Simulation Service
  • Sebastian Böhm and Guido Wirtz, Towards an API-driven Approach for Universal and Lightweight Cloud-Edge Orchestration
  • Kaustabh Barman, Patrick Herbke, Elias Safo and Luca Janssen, Blockchain-Enabled Verifiable Receipt Credentials for Traceability in EV Battery Supply Chains